Our Mission

We believe that we are establishing not only a product and brand name with Solar Stik®, but the standard by which all future portable power systems will be measured. No other power system in its class provides as much versatility or adaptability as the Solar Stik System.

The convergence of new power generation technologies and the increasing demand for highly efficient appliances are causing a paradigm shift in portable power. Alternative power solutions are no longer “alternative”; rather, they are becoming mainstream, with intuitive operation and system education being the key to a successful transition. It is our sincere desire to be the best, most thorough information resource for anyone looking at solar generators, even if a system is ultimately purchased from another manufacturer.

Our Solar Stik specialists offer superior expertise and dedication. Each member of our team has made a commitment to the company and its success by providing the very best service to you, our client. The Solar Stik Technical Team can work with you to meet your power needs using our turnkey solutions, or by engineering a custom solution.

mission statement
“As the CEO of Solar Stik, you have my personal guarantee that the Solar Stik System will always represent excellence in design and quality craftsmanship. Our future plans include production expansions that will benefit many small manufacturing businesses in towns across the United States.” ~Brian W. Bosley, President & CEO

Made in America

Delivering innovative and reliable Solar Stik Systems requires working solely with partners who share the same vision of excellence. Our Research and Development Team seeks and scrutinizes every component incorporated into our Systems to ensure each product has the following features:

Highest Quality
Best Fit
Domestically Produced

Highest Quality

The “no failure” rule is in effect where our systems deliver power. We meticulously test the materials used in our engineered solutions, and only those of highest quality are integrated in products bearing the Solar Stik name.

Best Fit

There is no “planned obsolescence” in our designs. Components and materials used in Solar Stik products are selected based on the best fit for the needs of the application and the user.

Domestically Produced

Using American-made, domestically produced components in Solar Stik products is so important to us that it’s part of our company mission statement. All Solar Stik Systems are designed and built in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Our Partners

Our Distributor

Alternative Energy, Inc., a Solar Stik, Inc. distributor since 2012, is the exclusive dealer for Solar Stik residential and recreational products.

Our Culture

We finish each other’s sentences.

Passion for what we do comes to work every morning wearing Solar Stik tee shirts and hats, and “that’s not my job,” isn’t part of anyone’s vocabulary. Details matter to us.

The culture at Solar Stik is the energy and enthusiasm we share.

Our culture is our Team.

Our Story

Each day Our Team writes the next page of Our Story.

Our Team is why we have a story to tell—from the very beginning when the first Solar Stiks set sail to today as we build systems for the front lines in combat zones.

When we talk about Solar Stik’s history, we start from what’s happening now and work our way back.