Renewable, portable power is changing where power can be generated and used.

Although there were no clear instructions for how to achieve it, the Solar Stik® System came to fruition because its designers wanted a portable power solution that would provide reliable power in some of the most remote, austere locations on Earth. As the quote handwritten on the white board in our engineering conference room states, “If a man did a job so well, that no other man could find fault with it, nothing would ever get done.” At Solar Stik, we’re not afraid to get things done.


Case Studies

Case Study—ISR

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Case Study—TALS

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White Paper—Tailored Hybrid Power System

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Photo Gallery

See photos of Solar Stik products being used in the field. Photo galleries are organized by markets and include photos of sailboats equipped with Marine 100 Systems to systems supporting defense operations.

Video Gallery

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