Solar Stik™ Introduces Innovative Man-Portable Solar Generator

St. Augustine, FL. — Solar Stik, Inc. announces the development of an innovative portable power system designed to provide U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF), other conventional military forces, and First Responders with a truly man-portable/wearable package that interfaces with any type of power, including vehicular, solar, and 120VAC.

This new “plug & play” product is the latest addition to Solar Stik’s™ comprehensive line of portable power systems.  It is called the Wearable Advanced Solar Pak (The WASP), and it combines superior performance with cost-effective operation.

The WASP provides the lightest, fastest, and most complete battery charging capability available for individual 2590 Li-Ion, 590 NiCd, and 390 NiMH batteries.  Charge rates are over twice as fast as the closest competing system, the Rucksack Enhanced Portable Power System (REPPS) by Bren-Tronics Inc, and unlike competing “wearable” systems such as the Warrior Pak which require the operator to purchase proprietary batteries, the WASP is designed to use existing military-inventory batteries.  This reduces the burden on inventory supply chains and reduces overall cost.

Solar Stik developed the WASP System in cooperation with Orlando, Florida based Advanced Power Electronics Corporation (ApECOR).  ApECOR’s benchmark X-90 multi-chemistry battery charger uses sophisticated technology to enhance the operation of existing military batteries by maximizing cycle-life as well as operational performance.  

The WASP™ provides a complete power network, including complex power management and the ability to provide regulated power to a load WHILE it is receiving power from other sources (solar, vehicle, etc.).

Wearable Advanced Solar Pak - WASP

Solar Stik™ WASP’s are available in three distinct packages which include 30W, 60W, and 120W flexible solar panels. The operator can choose to include “STINGER” cable kits which allow rapid tailoring of the WASP™ to their specific application, mode of operation, loads, or even to charge a multitude of other military specific batteries.   

St. Augustine, Florida-based Solar Stik, Inc. is a small, closely-held company that designs, manufactures, and markets high quality portable renewable energy generators and related equipment and accessories.  Customers include U.S. and foreign armed forces, U.S. federal agencies, prime defense contractors, and state and local emergency management organizations. 

For additional information about the WASP™, visit or call (800) 793-4364.



WASP™ 30W Panel Deployed