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Thursday, 17 February 2011Stik Academics

Henrico, VA

With a little help from Dominion, a science class at J.R. Tucker High School in Richmond, Va. recently shined brighter than the rest.

Tailored Hybrid Power System - White Paper

Lessons learned from combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan confirm the growing importance of energy, with corresponding increases in consumption. Satisfying the increased demand for fossil fuels in support of contingency operations had cost lives, money, and operational effectiveness. Generators are the biggest consumers of fuel on the battlefield. This paper introduces the Tailored Hybrid Power System (THPS). It explains the principles of scalability, modularity, mobility, autonomy, and durability, and shows how meeting these five principles can lessen the frequency of fuel resupply operations that expose the Warfighter to avoidable risks and take critical assets away from the fight.

*This white paper is not a US government product and reflects solely the opinions of the author.

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WASP - Wearable Advanced Soldier Power

Twice the performance and half the cost of competing systems. Made in the USA.

The Solar Stik™ WASP is designed as a complete power system that is completely wearable. The entire system can weigh less than 5 lbs. WASP Logo

It includes three categories of gear:

Power Generation

Power Generation Icon

Power Storage

Power Storage Icon

Power Management

Power Management Icon

The WASP consolidates all of the operator’s battery-operated devices onto one network, powered by an advanced lithium ion battery (BB-2590), eliminating the need to carry additional or different types of batteries for a mission. Setup and operation are intuitive -and connections are a simple plug-and-play design.

WASP X-90 Head Personal Power Network

The WASP™ X-90 Head has many accessories and is simple as Plug & Play


• Plug-and-play setup and operation using polarized SAE connections

• Extremely versatile - maximum configuration options available to the operator

• Fully ruggedized designs on all WASP components

• No user input required for X-90 operation

• Intuitive LED indicators for easy monitoring of system operation

• X-90 provides the fastest battery charge rates (see recommended batteries)

• X-90 can provide power to loads with NO batteries attached (“pass-through” power)

• Wide range of INPUT DC Power options - 10VDC to 60VDC

• Universal charging algorithm automatically identifies battery chemistry and self-adjusts

• Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPTlink) - Up to 30% more charging power from DC sources

• Auxiliary power circuit provides up to 8A (14.4V regulated) of constant power for loads

• Fully protected, including reverse polarity, over-temperature, and active current limiting

A Paradigm Shift in Personal Power

The WASP provides its user the ability to consolidate multiple electrical devices into a single “closed loop” circuit supported by a single battery, eliminating the need to carry multiple battery types and spares.   All of the power used in a WASP circuit is managed by the X-90 head and flows through a single “primary” battery.

WASP X-90 Head Power Flow
The WASP™ X-90 Head and how power is used for its many features

Designed as a fully wearable system, the WASP can be networked with the equipment carried on a soldier’s person.  It can also be detached and used in a dismounted role.

The WASP offers the operator the ability to charge the primary battery based on OPPORTUNITY, rather than necessity.  Power can be harvested from whatever sources are convenient to the operator, including vehicular, solar, fuel cell, and even grid AC power.

Battery Charging

The X-90 is capable of charging a wide variety of portable rechargeable batteries. The charger features an advanced digital control, which enables automatic detection of both battery chemistry and the manufacturer of the battery. The X-90 will tailor its charge algorithms to the manufacturer’s maximum recommended charge rate. 

The implementation of high-speed MPPT delivers maximum charging current to the battery from any DC source that outputs up to 60V including vehicular, solar, and even grid AC sources, and minimizes charge durations while monitoring critical parameters to ensure safety and reliability.

There are two common primary power sources that the X-90 uses for charging the BB-XX90 type batteries and powering the load:

  1. Solar panels
  2. DC source (such as a vehicle or AC/DC charger)  

All DC power sources are connected to the INPUT pigtail using the appropriate stinger cable.

Wearable Advanced Solar Pak - WASP

AUX Output

The X-90 V3 AUX (link to explanation of X-90 V3 AUX) incorporates a fully protected auxiliary (AUX) output port, which is useful for powering numerous devices in both dismounted and wearable applications. The X-90 V3 AUX can operate the auxiliary output port independent of the power source, so the auxiliary output is still available even when there is no DC Input connected to the X-90.

The voltage can range between 10.5 V and 16.5V, which must be taken into consideration when choosing devices to be powered. This voltage range extends slightly higher than a typical 12V vehicle cigarette lighter plug, but most electronics intended for 12V operation will work well with this voltage range. NOTE: The auxiliary output port will not be operational unless a Li-Ion battery is connected.

Pass-Through Power

If the X-90 is connected to input power, but there is no battery connected, the AUX output will still function. Power is regulated at 14.4V with 8A current limit.

  1. If a battery is damaged or unavailable, and the user still requires power in the AUX circuit.
  2. The X-90 can only be used to recharge a 12V lead acid battery.  Simply connect the AUX output to the terminals of the lead acid battery with the correct stinger cable. When recharging a lead acid battery, be sure that the battery is capable of being charged with the amount of power provided by the solar panel or 8A if there is more than 120W of DC input (solar energy) available.

Because the X-90 has no internal energy storage, the successful use of the auxiliary output to power a device depends on the availability of sufficient solar energy to power the intended device. Insufficient DC power input or excessive load will cause the unit to reduce the output voltage, which will likely result in the powered device to cycle on and off.



...from "Geek" to "Pro"!

Yep… I’m one of those “Geeky Power Guys”… To me, being called a “Geek” is a term of endearment these days.  Sure, back in High School, I loathed the term, but now that I’m more mature (well, sort of), I’ve embraced my “Geekdom”!

While I am certainly proud of my Geek heritage, my colleagues and I prefer to think of ourselves as “Power Pros” in today’s highly competitive world of Power Management.