12VDC Li Power Pak 1200B

Li Power Pak 1200_Product
  • 12VDC Li Power Pak 1200B_Product

Item # 21-0202304


The 12VDC Li Power Pak 1200 is a portable battery and power management system that stores up to 1.2 kWh of energy. It was designed as a highly mobile and functional platform that provides 12 VDC power for a wide variety of applications.

The Li Power Pak 1200 is ruggedized for extreme environmental conditions and built to withstand severe impacts.

If additional energy storage is required, battery capacity can be increased by using Plug & Play connections to add 12VDC Expander Paks.


  • 1.2 kWh of storage
  • 12 VDC LiFePO4 battery with built-in BMS
  • Programmable 300-watt 24 VDC AUX circuit
  • Extremely durable and weather resistant
  • Scalable system architecture
  • Plug & Play
Li Power Pak 1200_Product
  • 12VDC Li Power Pak 1200B_Product
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