Flexi-Panel Kit

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240 W Kit – Item # 19-0302010
360 W Kit – Item # 19-0302011
480 W Kit – Item # 19-0302012


The state-of-the-art Flexi-Panel Kit is a leap in PV technology that fuses flexibility with capability. The result is a superior choice for on-the-go applications where maximum power generation and minimum weight are mission critical.

Designed for expeditionary applications, the flexi-panel is so ultralight and pliable, operators who carry it might even forget they have it! For transport, it folds into an extremely compact smooth envelope, making it extremely comfortable to carry. Deployment time is less than one minute and power generation is immediate when exposed to daylight.

Despite its paper-thin construction, the flexi-panel is extremely rugged. It can withstand harsh deployment conditions and will continue to generate power in low-light conditions or even after being punctured.

Grommets in the reinforced perimeter of the panel provide anchor points to securely stake the panels to the ground, or fasten it to other supports at angles favorable for maximum power production. The flexi-panel can be used to directly support an application, or it can be used to recharge batteries. Flexi-panels can also be used in concert with other flexi-panels in a scaled configuration to provide even more power when conditions warrant.


  • 0.96–1.92 kWh of daily energy generation
  • Available in 12 VDC or 24 VDC
  • No need for “sun soaking”—provides maximum power immediately upon deployment
  • Reduces the need to carry extra batteries
  • Reinforced outer band with grommets
  • Weather- and environment-resistant
  • Power for communications, personal electronics, and more
  • Compatible with other charging systems

The photos that are shown below in the Field Photo Gallery are examples of applications supported by Flexi-Panels.

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