PRO-Verter 2300

PRO-Verter 2300
  • 24VDC PRO-Verter 2300-120_Product
  • PRO-Verter 2300-120_Product


The Portable Remote Operation Inverter/Charger (PRO-Verter) provides a single point of power management, control, and distribution to a portable, battery-based, electrical circuit. The “open-architecture” design of the PRO-Verter allows the operator to network multiple power generation technologies into a single operational system that supports a specific application with clean, uninterrupted power.

PRO-Verters can be custom designed to integrate with any world-standard AC grid power, DC power generation source (i.e., solar or wind via a DC Power Hub), or fuel-driven generator to supply AC and DC power for any application. The PRO-Verter supplies power to the load by drawing directly from the batteries in the system while simultaneously receiving power input from a fuel-powered generator (optional) or from DC power generation sources to charge the batteries. When inverting, the PRO-Verter 2300 can provide 1500 watts continuous, modified sine wave AC power. Power output ports can be customized to meet user needs.

The PRO-Verter also allows remote monitoring. Sold as an accessory, the optional Remote Monitoring Kit (RMK) transmits real-time system information over any LAN or internet gateway.

The PRO-Verter 2300 can be used in multiple situations:

  • When a primary battery is used in the electrical circuit
  • If reduction of fuel generator “runtime” is necessary
  • When supplemental (generator or grid) power is required for a renewable power system

Images may appear different depending on the custom port types selected.


  • Compatible with 1.0–3.0 kW generators
  • Auto Generator Start (non-AGS also available)
  • LCD user interface
  • Information Plate (I-Plate)—critical information at a glance: PRO-Verter function and system-specific integration
  • Plug & Play setup and operation
PRO-Verter 2300
  • 24VDC PRO-Verter 2300-120_Product
  • PRO-Verter 2300-120_Product
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