Venture System 300

12VDC Item # 18-0201101


The Venture Pak 300 is a lightweight, expeditionary, single-Pak solution to support small electronic devices or appliances such as laptops, phones, radios, electric shavers, LED lights, TVs, or even a DC-powered coffee maker. The Pak supplies 12 VDC power from cigarette lighter adaptors (CLA) receptacles and clean 120 VAC power from a 125-watt, pure sine wave inverter. DCpowered devices use the energy stored in the batteries most efficiently. Two 60-watt, flexible solar panels keep the Pak batteries charged in the field when grid power is off or out of reach.

The batteries can also be charged with a 12 VDC lead-acid battery charger when grid power is available, or by an alternative, regulated 12 VDC power source such as the CLA port in a vehicle. Solar power input, energy storage levels and power use are all monitored on the IPN-Remote digital display.

General Features

  • 350 Wh of storage
  • Factory-programmed AUX port circuit
  • Extremely durable and weatherproof
  • Field serviceable
  • Scalable system architecture
  • Single case
  • Plug & Play


  • (1) 12VDC Power Pak 300
  • (2) 60W 12V Std Weight Flexi Panels
  • (2) 12VDC Scout Pak Solar Leash
  • (1) 125W Exeltech Inverter
  • (1) Single Plug, Dual Socket CLA Y cable
  • (1) Document Bag
  • (10) 7” Aluminum Tent Stakes
  • (1) Double Ended CLA Plug Charging Cable


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