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Are you considering an Arch for your vessel?  For many cruisers, the features of an Arch are highly desirable, but the cost and space constraints usually restrict Arches to large vessels and big budgets.

Introducing the Marine Solar Stik™ 100 - the new multi-faceted mounting system designed for vessels from 25-60 feet


…a unique power system that, in many ways, is greater than the sum of its parts.”

- PRACTICAL SAILOR - September 2007.

The Solar Stik™ is a ‘must-have’ for anyone planning an extended cruise.”

- HUNTER MARINE (Knotlines - Spring 2007)



…we took Java out into the Chesapeake Bay to ride out Hurricane Irene, and the Solar Stik™ survived 70 mph winds with the panels deployed!”

- SV Java - September 2011.

SV Java

…I fell overboard and the ladder wasn’t down. I climbed the Solar Stik™ to get back onboard… and I weigh 225 lbs!”

- SV Glass Slipper - September 2011.

sv Mistress

It’s like having all of the features of an Arch, without having the Arch…”

- S. Joest, SV Mistress

…It’s even earned a name: ‘Sparky’.”

- S Lefler, SV Ducksinarow

sv Glass Slipper

…we have sailed over 25,000 miles and have seen winds of 45kt and 20ft seas. No problems.”

- C. Martin, SV Glass Slipper

sv Cecily

…8 months cruising in Mexico, and the Solar Stik™ worked flawlessly.”

- C & T Thompson, SV Cecily

sv Magic Carpet
…I didn’t have time to take the panels down before the autopilot failed… for 48 hours, we fought the gale. A rogue wave hit us so hard, it knocked us down. When the boat finally righted itself, there was chaos on deck, and water down below.  I looked back, and saw the Solar Stik™, panels still deployed and they continued to function.”

- G. Norell,  SV Magic Carpet



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