Marine Solar Stik™ 100 Transom Mount System

Marine Solar Stik™ 100 Transom Mount System

Package Item # 010102 | MSRP $4,050

Marine Solar Stik™ 100 Transom Mount SystemNo room for an Arch?

The Solar Stik™ combines the features of an arch with a unique space-saving design.

In addition to being a highly effective solar power system, the Solar Stik™ will support additional equipment such as a wind generator, antenna mounts, lights, and even a light duty lifting hoist.

The Solar Stik™ Transom Mount package is versatile enough to fit most vessel stern configurations on boats ranging from 25 to 65 feet.

Dimensional drawings and manuals may be downloaded from the Tech Specs section on the website to aid in determining how it should be installed.


Solar Stik™ Transom Mount System


The Transom Mount Kit
Marine 100 (Tapered) Mast
1”  Mast-Top Mount for adaptation of additional equipment
One Solar Power plug & receptacle for connection to vessel’s DC system
Two adjustable solar panel arm assemblies
Solar Boost™ 2000E MPPT charge control


3 year “materials and workmanship”



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