pro-cell_fort_mcnairSirius Integrator and Solar Stik® have teamed to offer the new PRO-Cell remote power system.


PRO-Cells will deliver continuous power for your mission critical energy application(s) without power grid dependencies and beyond the capabilities of typical wind and solar alternatives. They are an excellent choice for remote metering devices, sensors and transmitters, and require no operator interaction or maintenance to keep them operational.

The Solar Stik PRO-Cell features EFOY Pro Smart Fuel Cell technology and has been specially designed for the needs of the professional. All three fuel-cell models can be employed in any application where a 12-VDC  or 24-VDC battery system is utilized.

The PRO-Cell is offered in three models, with charging capacity ranging from 600 to 2,200 watt hours per day.

Built into a legendary Pelican Case to protect it from the elements, the PRO-Cell can operate in a wide range of environments including extreme temperatures, harsh weather, or high-particulate conditions.

Solar Stik PRO-Cells provide robust remote fully integrated power solutions. They are mobile, quiet, emissions-free, turnkey solutions. It operates with any Power Pak and can be operated in conjunction with other power sources in “hybrid” configurations.


PRO-Cells can be used as a primary method of providing power for small loads, but they can also be an effective means to mitigate against failure when a solar array or wind generator is the primary means of producing power.

Adding a PRO-Cell to any battery-based system where other means of producing power are used lessens the dependency on any one generation source providing the operator with a “hybrid” power solution.

When employed in hybrid systems, the fuel cell will only operate if other power sources such as wind and/or solar fail and battery voltage drops below a certain value. This allows the user to produce as much power as is possible from the environment given the (sunny/windy) conditions, with the PRO-Cell as a back-up power supply during periods of clouds or calm winds.

A PRO-Cell can also be used to reduce the volume of lead acid batteries needed during a deployment. Replacing a bank of batteries with just one battery and a PRO-Cell can reduce the direct cost (labor and transportation) associated with maintaining banks of batteries in remote or widely dispersed locations.

Adding a PRO-Cell to any Solar Stik System is simply “Plug & Play”. Operation is automatic and seamless, so no interruption in service or power to an existing circuit is effected. PRO-Cells automatically determine the battery voltage in a System when connected, and self-adjust to provide the correct charge.

Please contact our new partner Solar Stik for more information and pricing at 800-793-4364.

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Sirius Integrator is the U.S. distributor of EFOY Pro Fuel Cell Systems and service programs. We are  dedicated to assisting our customers with optimizing the EFOY Pro’s performance over it’s lifetime.