Power Management

24VDC Hybrid Power Router (HyPR) 1000


  • 1000 W max 28 VDC nominal output 

  • 1000 W max power processing 

  • Solar input up to 400 W 

  • Accepts universal AC power 

  • LCD DC User Interface 

  • Open Architecture and Scalable 

  • Programmable to charge multiple battery types/chemistries 

  • Designed to MIL-STD-810H and MIL-STD-1275E 

  • Remote monitoring capability with 120 days of data logging 


Solar Stik 200

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    Streamlined Power
    The 24VDC Hybrid Power Router (HyPR) 1000 provides a single point of power management, control, and distribution to a battery-based electrical circuit. The HyPR 1000 has an internal solar charge controller capable of accepting up to 400 watts of DC input power from photovoltaic panels. The universal AC charger can accept all universal grid or generator power and provides nominal 28 VDC output to various load(s). The HyPR 1000 is designed to provide power in extreme conditions where traditional power is inconsistent or non-existent. The HyPR includes a DC power interface to monitor system activity in real time. 

    How the HyPR Works
    The HyPR is the primary power management component in a small hybrid power system. It processes all input and output power from it’s attachment to a battery bank. The HyPR scavenges power from available AC, DC, or renewable sources to charge a battery bank. It then pulls and processes power from this bank to provide DC power per MIL-STD-1275E. The HyPR can be tailored to work with additional loads and provides users a streamlined control box for small power requirements. 

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    24VDC Hybrid Power Router (HyPR) 1000
    Item # 20-0302215

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