Energy Storage

24VDC Li ESM 500 Plus


  • Maximum capacity, simple form factor, minimum weight One-person lift

  • Integrated vertical stacking (19-inch rack compatible)

  • High energy density (93 Wh/kg)

  • Plug and play polarized, twist lock connection 

  • Fast charging under varying conditions 

  • Built-in self-balancing 

  • Self-shutdown in unsafe conditions 

  • Impact resistant case with molded in stacking ribs 

  • Scalable and hot-swappable 


Solar Stik 200

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    Smart Storage
    The 24VDC ESM 500 Plus is a 672 Wh energy storage module (ESM) built to provide reliable and portable hybrid power in any and all conditions. The ESM’s compact weather-proof design permits for effortless one-person lift and transportation along with optimizable storage capabilities. The ESM 500 is designed for simple, user-friendly operation, to effectively meet constantly changing application requirements in real time.

    How an ESM Works
    ESMs exist as the heart of a Solar Stik hybrid power system (HPS). In a hybrid power system, power generated from various sources is stored in the ESM and distributed to the load as needed. This process instantly adds to the system’s architecture thus increasing the system’s efficiency and relieving unnecessary strain on the generator. The attachment of more ESMs to a system can increase energy storage capacity, further reduce required support, and extend operational endurance.

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