24VDC Solar MC4/Bayonet Cable

One Powerful Cable

The rugged Solar MC4/Bayonet Cable seamlessly connects photovoltaic (PV) arrays to a Solar Stik Hybrid Power System (HPS). The cable is compatible with a wide array of PV options including Solar Stik’s Solar Expedition and Solar Venture offerings. It employs a 6 AWG conductor to ensure maximum current can pass to batteries or management device  (i.e., Power Hub or Power Pak) with minimal voltage drop or line loss. The Cable is designed around rugged, rapid, and repeated use, ensuring long mating cycle life and simplicity of operation.


Solar Stik 200

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  • All Models

    24VDC Solar MC4/Bayonet Cable
    Cable, Solar, MC4/Bayonet, 24VDC, 30’, 6AWG – Item # 16-0800102
    Cable, Solar, MC4/Bayonet, 24VDC, 50’, 6AWG – Item # 16-0800107
    Cable, Solar, MC4/Bayonet, 24VDC, 100’, 4AWG – Item # 16-0800108


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