Power Management



Installation of the 5kW MEP-802A TQG Remote-start Enabling Kit (RsEK) establishes a cooperative link between the TQG and a PRO-Verter with Auto Generator Start (AGS) capability. The RsEK modification allows the PRO-Verter to monitor and control the generator without sacrificing or compromising the native controls or safety circuit of the TQG. Installation of the RsEK does not alter or compromise the ability of the TQG to function as originally designed.

The RsEK modification also allows the generator to be integrated into a hybrid system where it will function more efficiently. In this configuration, it will run at full capacity (most efficient) whether it’s charging the battery bank, supporting a load, or both simultaneously. Generator runtime is also reduced because power generated in excess of what is required by the load is stored in the batteries for subsequent, independent support of the load.

The PRO-Verter is an extension of the MEP-802A that provides power management, distribution and remote control of the generator.

Operational safety of the TQG is enhanced following RsEK modification and integration into a hybrid system because the PRO-Verter monitors generator faults and reports them audibly and visually in real time. Additionally, the TQG is modified with door safety switches to prevent unauthorized intrusion into the generator while operating in remote-control mode or while attempting to autostart.


  • Easy installation
  • Proven reliability
  • Increased TQG efficiency and capability
  • Enhanced operational safety



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