Energy Storage

Battery (Lithium), 2.4 kWh


  •  Tremendous cycle life

  • Individual battery monitoring (BMS Reader) 

  • One-year storage life 

  • Polarized DC connection 

  • (2) Thermostatically controlled fans for high-temperature operation 

  • LED indicator of battery status 

  • Stackable/interlocking design 


Solar Stik 200

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    Stackable Power
    The lithium 2.4 kWh battery is ideal for large energy storage applications where weight and high cycle life are key. The battery stacks for a minimum footprint and simple storage. The internal battery management system (BMS) protects both the battery and operator if a fault is detected and communicates individual battery status via an external reader. The SB120 connector on the front allows the batteries to be safely and easily maintained, while still having a secure, polarized connection.

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