Power Generation

Flexi-Panel Kit


  •  ~1.2 kWh–2.4 kWh of daily power generation*
  • Amorphous silicon panels
    ○ Foldable form factor
    ○ Performance in low-light conditions
  • Weather resistant
  • Available in 12 or 24 VDC

*Based on five hours of solar irradiance


  • (4) Amorphous Silicon Flexi-Panels (Standard Weight)
  • (1) Hard case
  • (1) Transport pouch
  • (32) 7 in (17.8 cm) aluminum stakes
  • (1) Rubber mallet

Flexi-Panel Solar Leash not included, but can be stored inside transport case.



Solar Stik 200

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    Pushing the Envelope
    These paper-thin, flexible solar panels generate power when exposed to daylight even when covered in dust, under low-light conditions, or after suffering a puncture. The photovoltaic (PV) panels with weather-resistant backing in each Flexi-Panel Kit look like small blankets when deployed but can be folded to the size of an envelope for transport. Flexi-Panels are ideal for fast-paced, expeditionary applications.

    How a Flexi-Panel Kit Works
    Unfold and expose the Flexi-Panels to the sun. Connect the panels to the Solar Leash (recommended accessory). Connect the Solar Leash to a power manager, which distributes power to charge batteries and/or provides power to support a load.

  • All Models

    240 W KitItem # 19-0302010
    360 W KitItem # 19-0302011
    480 W KitItem # 19-0302012

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