Large System



  • Support up to 13 kW, single-phase loads
  • Recommended energy storage chemistry: LiFePO4
  • Solar panel options (semi-rigid or rigid)
  • Programmable automatic generator start/stop (AGS)
  • AC (120 and 230 V) and DC output power
  • Designed to meet user power/application requirements
  • Modular, scalable open architecture


  • System Diagram Examples (PDF)

Solar Stik 200

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    Heavy-Duty Systems
    Heavy-duty systems support complex loads up to 13 kW. Power management components in these hybrid power systems seamlessly incorporate multiple power generation sources—renewables (solar or wind), fuel-driven generators, or grid power. Power managers prioritize renewable energy sources and can be programmed to automatically start and stop the generator, which decreases generator runtime, lengthens refueling intervals, and allows for silent operation. Multiple output power managing components may be used in heavy-duty systems for applications with varying output voltage requirements and/or to support peak load demands.

    Heavy-Duty Examples
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