Energy Storage

Li Expander Pak 1300


  • 1.3 kWh of storage

  • Integrated vertical stacking

    • One-person lift

    • 19-inch rack compatible

  • LiFePO4 chemistry

    • 100% discharged = inert

    • Transportable by land, sea, and air cargo


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    Stackable Storage
    The Li Expander Pak 1300 is a 1.3 kWh energy storage module housed in a molded case designed for stacking multiple modules. The Li Expander Pak 1300 uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry to deliver the highest energy density of any battery in its class—while maintaining a one-person lift. The lightweight, stackable, energy-dense modules can be added or subtracted quickly and easily in response to changing application requirements.

    How an Expander Pak Works
    Energy storage modules like the Li Expander Pak 1300, or batteries, are the heart of a hybrid power system. Power from a generation source is funneled through a power management device to the Li Expander Pak to store the energy. This stored energy is distributed by a power manager to power the load as needed. Stack additional Li Expander Pak 1300s to increase energy storage capacity.

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