Communication towers and data centers are everywhere. Disguised as the tallest tree in the area or a shed situated in the middle of a cow pasture, these carry important communications—from text messages to 911 calls to Facebook status updates.

To operate, these towers need continuous power from either the grid or a generator. Having a backup battery bank is the critical link for bridging the gap between power interruptions. The LifeGuard battery cabinet is equipped with twenty (20) NorthStar 210FT batteries, ensuring more than 50 kWh of backup power is always at the ready.

The LifeGuard is a climate-controlled battery cabinet. It maintains batteries at 77 °F (25 °C), the optimal temperature for extending battery shelf life and reducing gassing, which allows for placement of batteries in previously inaccessible locations. It is the only cabinet in its class that uses a secondary battery bank to power internal controls.

Secured by locking doors and weatherized for punishing conditions, the LifeGuard can be supported by AC, DC, and solar power charging sources. It is the critical continuous power link for communications towers.


  • Configured for 12, 24, or 48 VDC operations by flipping a switch
  • Insulated bus bars for easy battery replacement
  • Fail-safe fuses to protect batteries and cabinet
  • Scalable design allows for:
    • A Folding Solar Array—a bolt-on, Plug & Play solar array that can fully support the secondary battery bank’s operation
    • A PRO-Verter—a power manager that provides three-stage charging to primary batteries, extending their cycle life


The LifeGuard provides peace of mind that comes with continuity of operations. Applications include:

  • Off-grid—remote locations
  • Hybrid operation—high-efficiency circuit
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)—communications, security, emergency operations


Primary Batteries

  • Supports up to (20) NorthStar 210FT batteries
    • 4200 Ah capacity (12 VDC)
    • 2100 Ah capacity (24 VDC)
    • 1050 Ah capacity (48 VDC)
  • Max current at lugs: 350 A continuous


Solar Stik 200

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