Medium System



  • Support up to 2 kW, single-phase loads
  • Energy storage chemistry options: LiFePO4 or lead-acid
  • Solar panel options (semi-rigid or rigid)
  • Programmable automatic generator start/stop (AGS)
  • AC (120 and 230 V) and DC output power
  • Designed to meet user power/application requirements
  • Modular, scalable open architecture


  • System Diagram Examples (PDF)

Solar Stik 200

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    Medium Systems

    Medium-duty systems are portable hybrid power systems that use energy stored in a battery bank to power loads up to 2000 W. Renewables—like solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind turbines—are prioritized for power generation, and a fuel-driven generator connected directly to the battery bank is used to efficiently charge the battery bank while minimizing generator runtime. Power management components are used to deliver AC and/or DC power from the system to the load. The capacity of the battery bank and the power generation capabilities are driven by user requirements for the specific application.

    Simultaneously Power Your Devices

    Our system can be configured in many way to power your equipment.

    Backup Power for On or Off the Grid

    Keep essential devices running or go miles away from civilization and power your equipment off grid using solar, wind, fuel generator hybrid, fuel cell, and more.

    Expandable System, Never Limited

    Our system is open architecture which means that our components can be swapped around to fit your equipment. You can add or remove more solar or energy storage when needed.

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