Power Management

PRO-Verter RMK (LAN)

Item # 20-0702602


The RMK provides remote access to vital power system data from the PRO-Verter via TCP/IP. The RMK records and stores all of the system data from the PRO-Verter and provides tabular and graphical reports of these data via a user-friendly, browser-based user interface.


  • Built-in HTTP website server
  • MODBUS application protocol provided both as isolated RS-485 serial and as MODBUS/TCP (RTU mode only)
  • Data collected and viewed from the web
  • Real-time data logging at user-defined intervals
  • FTP data logging to remote server
  • Simple installation and setup


  • (1) PRO-Verter RMK (LAN)


Solar Stik 200

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