Power Management

PRO-Verter S 3000


  • High-efficiency circuits for inverting and charging
    • 2200 W continuous power output
  • Automatic power source prioritization
    • Solar > Grid > Generator
  • Solar input up to 880 W
  • Compatible with 1.0–2.0 kW generators
    • Auto Generator Start/Stop
  • Programmable LCD user interface with built in remote monitoring capability
  • Open architecture


Solar Stik 200

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    Power with an Extra Boost
    A Portable Remote Operation Inverter/Charger (PRO-Verter) provides a single point of power management, control, and distribution to a battery-based electrical circuit. The PRO-Verter S 3000 has an internal solar charge controller capable of accepting up to 880 watts of DC input power from photovoltaic panels. The inverter function can provide 2200 watts of continuous, pure sine wave AC power. The PRO-Verter S 3000 is designed to operate with a 1 or 2 kW fuel-driven generator in a hybrid power system and can automatically start or stop the generator based on the battery bank’s state of charge. To further increase system performance, the PRO-Verter S 3000 can operate with two 1 or 2 kW generators in parallel.


    How a PRO-Verter Works
    A PRO-Verter is the primary power management component in a hybrid power system. It handles load prioritization, manages generator functions, records system status, charges the battery bank, and powers AC loads using energy stored in the batteries. Additionally, the PRO-Verter S 3000 is capable of accepting DC input power from photovoltaic panels. When any PRO-Verter is used with a generator, it increases system performance by maximizing generator output and minimizing generator runtime.

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