Scout Pak 300


  • 350 Wh (30 Ah) of storage

  • Transportable by land, sea, and air (Class IX exempt) 

  • Non-hazardous

  • Includes 120 or 230 VAC inverter

  • Lightweight expeditionary form factor

  • Extremely durable and weatherproof

  • Field serviceable 

  • Scalable system architecture

  • Intuitive setup and operation

  • Plug & Play


Solar Stik 200

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    The Scout Pak 300 is a lightweight, expeditionary, single-Pak solution that supports small electronic devices or appliances such as laptops, phones, radios, LED lights, TVs, or even small medical devices such as monitors or CPAP. The Pak supplies 12 VDC power from cigarette lighter adaptor (CLA) receptacles, four USB 2.1 A ports, and clean AC power from a 125-watt, pure sine wave inverter.

    The Scout Pak includes a 120-watt flexible solar panel array to keep the Pak batteries charged in the field. Power is available from the batteries on demand. The batteries can also be charged with a 12 VDC lead-acid battery charger, or by an alternative regulated 12 VDC power source such as the CLA port in a vehicle.

    Solar power input, energy storage levels and power use are all monitored on the digital display.

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