Power Generation

Solar Endurance Flex RV


  • Rugged, Durable Solar that Performs 

  • Industry leading power output

  • 2.5x power density of thin film

  • 50x more durable than bus bar solar panels

  • 15-20% more energy in real world conditions 

  • Hassle free Installation 

  • Over 60% Lighter than glass solar panels 

  • Quick/Easy install Just “peel & stick” 

  • Bonds directly to metal, fiberglass, curved surfaces, fabric & more 

  • No mounting hardware, special tools, or surface penetration required 

  • 21-23% efficient monocrystalline silicon PERC solar cells with Merlin® Grid interconnect 

  • G1 solar cell format = More power in the same area 

  • Weather resistant package, rugged low profile sealed junction boxes, durable back sheet 

  • Multiple panel sizes & shapes adapt to roof layouts to maximize coverage / energy harvest 

  • Optimized for maximum performance in high vibration and high temperature conditions 

  • Integrated “Peel & Stick” adhesive tested to 150+ mph wind 

  • Low reflection / high absorption materials increase harvest in low angle and scattered light


Solar Stik 200

  • All Models

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