Power Management

Solar RMK (LAN)

Item # 20-0702601


The Solar RMK (Remote Monitoring Kit) LAN (local area network) provides a full-featured communication link between the Solar Charge Controllers and the LCD user interface. The RMK and the LCD user interfaces both allow access to data and setup parameters for all charge controllers. The RMK includes a built-in HTTP website server, allowing data view and parameter setup with a standard web browser either locally or globally over the internet without a subscription. The RMK also provides the ability to provide periodic real-time File Transfer Protocol (FTP) data upload to a remote server that is also provided.

Data Log Files

One hundred twenty-seven (127) records (maximum; rolling) of current conditions are saved as comma-separated values (.csv) files at user-defined intervals. Files can be saved and viewed using Excel (or similar spreadsheet) at any time. Fifteen metrics are recorded that track and report battery bank activity including current state of charge, solar power produced and stored, and activity of each solar charge controller.


The Universal Communication Module (UCM) can be used to monitor system status remotely via FTP. The UCM can be configured to send files via FTP to a remote, password-protected server at timed intervals as a .csv file. The UCM provides two file capture methods. One provides up to 65,535 records. The other overwrites the current file as each new file is generated. Each method reports 15 system metrics at user-defined intervals.


  • Built-in HTTP website server
  • MODBUS application protocol provided both as isolated RS-485 serial and as MODBUS/TCP (RTU mode only)
  • Data collected and viewed from the web
  • Real-time data logging at user-defined intervals
  • FTP data logging to remote server
  • Simple installation and setup


  • (1) Solar RMK (LAN)
  • (1) Cable set
  • (1) Mounting hardware
  • (1) Instruction manual


Solar Stik 200

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