Power Generation

Solar Venture 320W


  • Selected as the solar array for multiple military programs
  • ~1.6 kWh daily power generation*
  • Lightweight construction with accordion style stand for ease of deployment and storage
  • Minimal deployment footprint
  • Scalability and modularity features allow for seamless expansion and integration into multiple platforms
  • Designed to MIL-STD-810H
  • Built with non-glare, corrosion resistant and UV resistant materials
  • Embedded bypass diodes minimize power loss when shaded
  • Blocking diode allows multiple arrays to be connected in parallel without potential for reverse current flow
  • Excellent power to weight ratio*Based on five hours of solar irradiance


  • (1) 320W Foldable Solar Panel (PN: 14-1000037)
  • (1) Solar Venture Array Stand (PN: 14-1000033)
  • (1) 30’ Solar Cable (PN: 16-0800102)**
  • (1) Ground Securing Kit (PN: 12-1000008)***
  • (1) Transport Case (hard or soft case)
    • Hard Case, Solar Venture (PN: 14-1000035)
    • Soft Case, Solar Venture (PN: 14-1000040)

**Solar Cables in different lengths, sizes, and types also available
*** Includes (1) 30º mesh, (1) 60º Mesh, and (7) sandbags


Solar Stik 200

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    Solar at the Ready
    The Solar Venture 320W features high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) cells in a rugged setup built to withstand extreme environments. The solar array deploys in minutes and comes in a man-portable transport case. Deployment and breakdown are easily manageable by one person, and the rack design allows for maximum exposure to sunlight. 

    How a Solar Expedition Works
    Sunlight is absorbed by the array’s PV panels. These panels turn the sunlight into DC current that is funneled through an appropriate power manager to charge batteries and/or to power loads. 

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