Power failure is NOT an option!

It’s more than just keeping the lights on. The Solar Stik Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)-X keeps people alive in the field, keeps communication networks online, and is a reliable energy supply solution adaptable to all situations and continuous power needs.

Real-world situations are dynamic—even when a primary power source is working, there can be unexpected power interruptions and fluctuations. The UPS-X is a scalable system that can be configured to:

  • Secure silent operation periods
  • Reduce generator fuel consumption
  • Ensure continuity of power during interruptions

The UPS-X is a rugged solution that enhances power for any operational setting, weather element, or punishing climatic condition.

X-tended Energy Storage

Hours to days…not minutes, or seconds. Using proven Advanced Rechargeable Energy Storage (ARES) battery technology, the Solar Stik UPS-X will support ALL operations for the duration—not just the minimum or critical loads for minutes—of primary power source outages. The battery chemistry of the Solar Stik UPS-X can be tailored for any application, be it expeditionary or a permanent fixture. The UPS-X architecture is designed for ease of use. Should more energy storage capacity become necessary, ARES modules can be added to the UPS-X while it’s in the field with simple Plug & Play connections.

X-panded Power Management

Power management for the Solar Stik UPS-X is handled through the Portable Remote Operation-Inverter/Charger (PRO-Verter), which manages all incoming and outgoing grid, utility, or generator power, ensuring clean, continuous power to the load. PRO-Verters are made to fit user requirements, and include choices for maximum required power processing, generator type, number and type of AC output connections. Multiple PRO-Verters can be added to increase functionality of a single Solar Stik UPS-X.

X-perience in the Field

Solar Stik has provided modular, scalable portable power systems to meet users’ critical operation needs for more than 10 years. The UPS-X is the union of experience and ongoing communication with operators in the field to produce a superior uninterruptible power supply solution.


  • Seamless power—16 ms transfer time
  • Scalable—support any load for any length of time
  • Expeditionary—extremely compact
  • Transportable by land, sea, and aircraft
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Plug & Play


Solar Stik 200

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