XP 125W Power Inverter

12 VDC – Item # 01-1000011


An inverter changes direct current (DC), such as energy stored in a battery, to alternating (sine-wave) current (AC), which powers most household appliances. Exeltech’s XP 125 is a 125-watt inverter that provides the cleanest sine wave 120 VAC output over the widest DC power input (12–108 VDC) of any inverter on the market today. The NEMA-15 outlet on the exterior of the inverter provides a convenient connection to an appliance (load) or other power distribution equipment.


  • 12 VDC input
  • 120 VAC output
  • 125 W continuous power
  • Provides clean sine wave output
  • Low battery/thermal buzzer
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Overtemperature protection


  • (1) XP 125W Power Inverter


Solar Stik 200

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