Solar Stik® configures portable power solutions built with precision and respect for the people who depend on their performance.

Our Products

Tap unlimited energy from the sun and wind. Store energy with proven battery technology. Deliver the right kind of power to fit ever-changing needs.



Complete systems including: power generation, energy storage, and power management


Power Generation

Photovoltaic arrays, wind generators, and fuel cells


Energy Storage

Lead-acid or lithium iron phosphate energy storage modules


Power Management

Control and distribution technologies for a high-efficiency circuit



Energy Storage with Power Management

Single product solutions that combine energy storage with power management 


A Solar Stik System integrates power generation, energy storage, and power management components to create a high-efficiency power circuit. Our systems vary in complexity, ranging from man-wearable technologies to hybrid systems that combine traditional fuel-driven generators and renewable generation sources. Solar Stik Systems are agnostic about power generation, which makes them adaptable in changing conditions and provides autonomy by reducing dependence on a single energy source.

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Systems IconPower Generation

Power generation: converting energy from any available source into electricity. Energy is everywhere. Sources can include solar, wind, water, fuel cell, fuel-driven generators, or even a vehicle. When selecting a source, consider the operating environment and its resources. Solar Stik integrates products that are adaptable in a broad range of conditions. Even with overcast skies, during daylight hours, solar panels will generate power. If there is a steady breeze, Solar Stik wind turbines generate power.

Featured Categories

Energy Storage SectionEnergy Storage

Energy storage modules (ESMs)—batteries—are the heart of all DC-based, portable power systems. In an electrical circuit, the batteries act as a buffer between power generation, management, and the load. Solar Stik offers energy storage options for both 12 and 24 VDC systems. The lead-acid battery is still the most widely used 12 V energy storage device and is the standard by which all other batteries are measured. Lithium batteries are mostly associated with enhancing system portability, as their energy density (capacity/weight) is significantly higher than other battery chemistries.

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Power Management SectionPower Management

Power management components efficiently collect, convert, and distribute power within a portable power system. Both AC and DC power inputs and output to loads can be managed by a PRO-Verter—Portable Remote Operation Inverter/Charger. A PRO-Verter is the crossroad for coordination and control of all power in a Solar Stik System. When only DC power is needed to support a load, a Power Hub can be used as the collection and distribution point for multiple DC power generation sources and DC loads. Power management devices are scalable, meaning they can be used singly or stacked as the application requires.

Featured Categories

Storage_with_Management_Icon Energy Storage with Power Management

This category of equipment combines the capabilities of power management with energy storage into a durable single-case solution. Each product is designed to be a highly mobile and functional platform and to meet both AC and DC power demands. Often used in the communications field, our power management with energy storage products can be built with lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries, and output ports can be customized depending on the application.

Featured Categories