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Power generation: converting energy from any available source into electricity. Energy is everywhere. Sources can include solar, wind, water, fuel cell, fuel-driven generators, or even a vehicle. When selecting a source, consider the operating environment and its resources. Solar Stik integrates products that are adaptable in a broad range of conditions. Even with overcast skies, during daylight hours, solar panels will generate power. If there is a steady breeze, Solar Stik wind turbines generate power.

Rigid Solar

Rigid panels have the highest efficiencies, making them ideal for stationary applications that require maximum power and a small installation footprint. Rigid solar panels do not degrade significantly over time, making rigid panels the best choice for long-term investment. Solar Stik uses both multi- and monocrystalline, glass and non-glass—impact-resistant and shatterproof—rigid panels.

Solar Stik 200

The Solar Stik 200 is a portable 12 VDC or 24 VDC solar generator More...

Solar Stik 400

The Solar Stik 400 power generator is designed for long-term deployments into remote, unattended locations. More...

Rigid, Foldable Solar

Rigid, foldable solar panels are the best choice for expeditionary applications requiring significant power generation in combination with ease of storage or transport. Solar Stik offers monocrystalline, antireflective, antistatic, and low-visibility front surface rigid, foldable panels.

420W PAM Expedition

Designed for applications where logistics are the most important factor, the 420-watt Portable Array Module (PAM) Expedition combines clever design with tactical purpose. More...

Flexible Solar

Flexible solar panels fuse form factor with capability and deliver maximum power generation with minimum weight. Flexible panels use amorphous silicon thin-film technology, which can be used with many substrate options that allow flexible panels to be folded or rolled. Solar Stik uses extremely rugged, paper-thin flexible panels that can stand harsh conditions.

Flexi-Panel Kit

The state-of-the-art Flexi-Panel Kit is a leap in PV technology that fuses flexibility with capability. More...


Renewable generators should be selected to best fit the environment and conditions where they will be operating. Wind turbines can generate power day or night and are an easily deployed power generation option. Solar Stik offers wind turbines with the lowest start-up generation wind speeds on the market.

Wind Stik 160

The Wind Stik is designed for applications requiring portable wind power generation More...