Technical Downloads

Solar Stik® Technical Information can be downloaded below. Spec Sheets are also available for download from the product pages. If additional information is needed, check the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us. If you cannot locate the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) you are looking for below or on the product page, please contact our logistics team.

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System Diagram Examples
Power Generation
Solar Stik 200
Solar Stik 400
PAM Expedition 450W
240W Flexi-Panel Kit
360W Flexi-Panel Kit
480W Flexi-Panel Kit
Wind Stik 160
Energy Storage
Power Management
PRO-Verter 1600
PRO-Verter 2300
PRO-Verter 3000
PRO-Verter 5000
PRO-Verter 7000
24VDC Power Hub 2400
24VDC PDM Plus
PRO-Verter RMK (LAN)
PRO-Verter RMK (AGS)
Solar RMK (LAN)
Storage with Management
12VDC Solar Leash
24VDC Solar Leash
24VDC PAM Solar Leash
Flexi-Panel Leash
12VDC Wind Leash
24VDC Wind Leash
Li Battery Service Kit 2400
Pb 500 | Pb 1000 Battery Service Kit
XP 125W Power Inverter
PulseTech XC100-P Xtreme Charge Battery Charger
12VDC Inter-Connect Cable
24VDC Inter-Connect Cable
24VDC Inter-Connect Strip 7
NATO Omni Cable


Legacy products and accessories

Breeze Mast Upgrade
Terra Mast Upgrade
Air Silent X Wind Turbine
Air Breeze Wind Turbine
Air Breeze Blue Blade Updgrade Kit
Air Silent X Replacement Blades
Air Breeze Replacement Blades
2590 Lithium-Ion Battery
Solar Stik 100 Lite
Scout Pak 300