St. Augustine, Fla.,  January 27, 2013—Solar Stik®, Inc. has donated a $200,000 hybrid solar power system to a remote South Sudanese clinic recently devastated by fire. The clinic, a project of the Alaskan Sudan Medical Project (ASMP), serves a population that has long suffered from civil war, malnutrition, poor water, and a lack of basic medical services. The new system will generate the power Dr. Jill Seaman (profiled in the January 2013 issue of National Geographic; see and the ASMP volunteers need in order to provide health services to the people of the region.

On the morning of December 23, 2012, an electrical fire started at the new medical clinic in Old Fangak, South Sudan. The clinic was nearing the final stages of its three-year construction when the fire began, taking not only the building, but also critical stores of medicine, syringes, bandages, and the solar power system used to power the building’s lights, medical equipment, and refrigerators. Thankfully, no one was injured. But now the community and ASMP volunteers are facing the difficult challenge of rebuilding the clinic before the rainy season begins in July.

In response to this tragic event, Solar Stik has donated a 3,000-watt hybrid solar power system to the clinic to replace the one lost in the fire. The community and volunteers at Old Fangak urgently need this system. Not only will it power the new medical clinic upon completion, but it also will serve the village’s existing clinic which, because of the loss of its previous system, currently operates without power.

Solar Stik’s CEO, retired U.S. Army Colonel Al Zaccor said, “Solar Stik is proud and happy to work with Alaskan Sudan Medical Project (ASMP), DHL, and our friends at STAR-TIDEs to help the people of South Sudan during these trying times. Our company’s core business is providing reliable, usable power to people in remote, austere locations. Although the lion’s share of our work has been with the U.S. government and military, this donation helps us to fulfill our vision of using our equipment to assist the victims of disasters, both here at home and abroad.”

DHL Global Forwarding and STAR-TIDES, a project of the Center for Technology and National Security Policy at the National Defense University, will facilitate transport of the Solar Stik system to Old Fangak with an expected arrival date of January 23, 2013. After delivery, Jayson Southworth, Governmental/Military Support Manager for Solar Stik, will assist with the system install and train volunteer operators on proper maintenance and use.

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