Solar Stik®, Inc. will open its state-of-the-art Research & Development facility on May 24, 2019, adding substantial presence to Solar Stik’s campus in the West King Street district of St. Augustine, Florida. The new center will serve as an incubation hub for the development, refinement, and integration of hybrid power technologies. The Solar Stik Engineering Team, which has grown to include alumni from Northrop Grumman and U.S. Army Field Service Representatives, will use this new facility to refine cutting-edge technologies into mature, sustainable platforms that keep Solar Stik’s flagship, high-efficiency power systems at the forefront of the portable power industry.

The unique R&D facility is located on the same grounds where the first Solar Stik operations began back in 2004, when the company established its home in the West King Street district. Over 15 years, Solar Stik has increased its footprint in the district to include several properties in the West King Street corridor, including the former AmeriGas facility where plans are underway to develop a high-tech manufacturing facility. The design of the R&D facility is a collaboration between Design, M.D. and A.D. Davis Construction, two native St. Augustine companies, and will play a significant role for Solar Stik to continue paving the way in portable, rugged power.

New 226.5 front building

Solar Stik designs, engineers, and manufactures modular, scalable expeditionary power solutions that enable self-sufficiency for military, commercial, and institutional customers around the globe. The unique Solar Stik System provides autonomy and continuous operation for communications systems, weapon systems, disaster relief, and more by tailoring hybrid power solutions to perfectly match user requirements. These solutions can reduce fuel demand and logistical support requirements by over 50% and provide reliable, rugged power to those who need it most.

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