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Solar Stik® Introduces Proprietary New Design for the Battery Industry:
The Cycle Counter

St. Augustine, FL, August 19, 2011—Solar Stik®, Inc. announced the introduction of a new groundbreaking technology aimed at providing users of lead-acid battery-operated devices with precision battery cycle count measurements.

“The newly-developed Cycle Counter provides the operator with the exact number of recharge cycles a lead-acid battery has undergone,” said Brian Bosley, Solar Stik CEO. “Users can replace or service batteries at precise intervals, mitigating against failure during critical operations while extending service life. The Cycle Counter offers a significant operational enhancement to Solar Stik’s Power Pak, or any other lead-acid battery system.”

Solar Stik’s new Cycle Counter is a very simple device: Users can see the number of cycles with the press of a button, and the counter can be reset to zero when the batteries are serviced or replaced. All Solar Stik Pro-Series and Mil-Series Power Paks will employ the new Cycle Counter beginning in September 2011.

About Solar Stik

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