HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 28, 2018—The newest product in the Solar Stik, Inc. lineup shines in the 1 to 2 kW power spectrum. The 24VDC PRO-Verter 2000-120 PV AGS combines photovoltaic charge control, AC power output, and automated generator starting in a single-case power management solution.

Solar Stik is displaying the new PRO-Verter 2000 in a 1 kW hybrid system configuration with Fidelity Technologies Corporation’s Ex-Gen Defender 1.0 kW generator, semi-rigid solar panels, and lithium-ion energy storage modules in booth #100A now through Wednesday, March 28, at the AUSA Global Force Symposium & Exposition in Huntsville, Ala.

“Our customers have AC power needs, but also have system weight and size requirements to meet based on applications demanding maximum portability,” said Ronaldo Lachica, Solar Stik’s Director of Program Management and CW4, USA retired. “The PRO-Verter 2000 will address that market space.”

The drive for highly portable hybrid power systems in the 1 to 2 kW range, which allow for solar as an alternative power generation source, has grown sharply in recent years. Solar Stik’s PRO-Verter 2000-120 PV AGS will accept any 24 VDC solar power generator up to 1500 watts and will integrate with any 24 VDC energy storage module, including Solar Stik’s new 24VDC ARES-LF 1300 lithium iron phosphate battery.

For more information about Solar Stik’s 1 to 2 kW hybrid power systems, visit us this week at the Global Force Symposium booth #100A, contact us by emailing, or call 800-793-4364.