Solar Stik® attended the 4th annual STARTIDES (Sharing To Accelerate Research – Transformative Innovation for Development and Emergency Support) fall field demonstration in Washington, DC. The event was held at the National Defense University (NDU) campus from Tuesday, October 5, to Friday, October 8. We powered a variety of appliances from inflatable SatCom antenna systems, laptop computers, coffee makers, lighting, and more. Some of the Solar Stik products used included the Solar Stik 160 Breeze, PRO-Verter APM 3000 AGS with 3.0-kW TQS generator, Wind Stik, Recon Paks, and more.

Here are a few photographs from the trip.

Washington Monument

VH-60N Sikorsky Black Hawk

Solar Stik™ Recon Pak powering inflatable SatCom antenna system

Plugs go into a power strip powered by a Solar Stik™

Solar Stik™ Tent


Solar Stik™ Micro Grid

Solar Stik™ 100 Breeze Transport Cases

Solar Stik™ Expander Paks daisy chained together to form a 5.0 kW h system

Solar Stik™ Trailer

Lincoln Assassination Trial sign

Solar Stik™ 160 Breeze in front of National Defense University

Solar Stik™ Lite at dusk

Solar Stik™ Recon Pak with Hexayurt Shelter