STIK Culture

Culture can’t be bought. It is grown.

Our culture thrives on the compassion and respect our Team members have for each other. We push each other to reach high, we laugh out loud, and we turn out in force when help is needed. The Solar Stik Team is a family and we STIK together.

“I have had a lot of jobs in my life—a lot of different kinds of jobs, too. I’ve worked with and for a lot of people, but none who I trust and admire as much as I do Brian and Stephanie…they have created an amazing culture at Solar Stik that is based on their honesty, integrity, hard work, and kindness…I feel so fortunate to be able to call Solar Stik my home and each Team member my friend.”

~David Zacharias, Technical Writer, 10/2014

At Solar Stik, no one works in a vacuum. We are a cohesive Team whose foundation is built on both relationships and depth of knowledge. Our technical writer can lead a field training session, and our chief financial officer can wire a PRO-Verter. Our Team’s ability to “finish each other’s sentences” is a large part of our culture.

We have high standards for the products we make because we have high standards for ourselves. Integrity is more than a word—it’s a lifestyle.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you…at Solar Stik, it is always a little bit of both! To me, that is what makes this a great place to work, rolling with the punches and getting the job done right. That’s what Solar Stik is all about.”

~Patrick Farris, Quality Assurance Technician, 04/2020

Solar Stik culture is tangible. It can be felt when one of our Team members recites our Mission Statement. It’s the feeling that washes over each one of us when we hear from a customer who used a product we produced in a mission-critical situation.

Having in fun is part of our culture, too. It’s orange bean-bag chairs, being laid back—Hawaiian shirt Fridays, and showing up in force for the community projects we support.

Our culture stems from the endless energy and enthusiasm of Solar Stik founders Brian and Stephanie, and it’s enriched by the contributions of all our Team members every day.

Our Story

Each day Our Team writes the next page of Our Story.

Our Team is why we have a story to tell—from the very beginning when the first Solar Stiks set sail to today as we build systems for the front lines in combat zones.

When we talk about Solar Stik’s history, we start from what’s happening now and work our way back.