Solar Stik Systems provide reliable, portable power for those doing business in places where power is necessary but not available. Our systems for the commercial or industrial sectors can operate as independent power supply stations using renewable energy (solar and wind), or as hybrid systems that integrate traditional fuel-driven generator power with renewables.

High-performance batteries are the heart of each Solar Stik System. Our systems charge and maintain energy storage banks while powering the tools—communications equipment, satellite receivers and phones, computers, medical equipment, lights, small pumps, and rechargeable equipment—needed to get business done.

The Solar Stik Team also can take an existing product and make it better by integrating energy storage, power management, and generation technologies. Recently, we developed a beverage vending machine that uses solar power to operate independent of grid power or fuel-driven generators. This solution expands the distribution potential of product into remote areas where grid power is not available.

Solar Stik Systems are built to meet business and industrial needs today, and by design, our systems are adaptable and scalable to meet the needs of tomorrow and beyond.

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Every Solar Stik System put into service is built with precision and respect for the people who depend on its performance.