Solar Stik Systems are used by the U.S. Military in some of the most remote locations and inhospitable climates around the world. Our portable hybrid power systems significantly reduce the fully burdened cost of fuel—and save the lives of transport personnel—by harnessing renewable energy (solar and wind) from the surrounding environment, increasing efficiency by storing excess energy in large battery banks, and diminishing dependence on fuel-driven power generators.

By working closely with the U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force, the Solar Stik Team has developed a 7 kW Alternative Energy System specifically configured to operate with the PSS-G and RAID platforms. Our 24 VDC 5 kW and 7 kW Hybrid Power Systems provide a significant increase in autonomy and silent runtime while mitigating reliance on any single technology. Additionally, Solar Stik equipment powers the U.S. Army’s RAM Warn System, the RFID used in the U.S. Maritime Prepositioning Squadron, and Wearable Advanced Soldier Power (WASP) kits.

Our “open-architecture” portable power solutions also ensure the energy security of military operations in situations where grid power is available but dirty and unreliable. The Solar Stik UPS-X is designed to provide an uninterruptible power supply for mission-critical loads for any length of time. Using customizable Advanced Rechargeable Energy Storage (ARES) battery technology, the Solar Stik UPS-X system is easily scalable and adaptable to meet the load demands of a broad range of applications.

For defense applications contact:
Ronaldo Lachica, Governmental/Military Business Development or +1 (800) 793-4364 x120

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Every Solar Stik System put into service is built with precision and respect for the people who depend on its performance.