Turning on the lights at night or getting a glass of water are unquestioned conveniences of the industrialized world. However, for people in poverty or disaster-stricken regions, lights and clean water can significantly improve both short- and long-term quality of life.

Solar Stik Systems are designed to deliver power by harnessing renewable energy sources (solar and wind) and storing power in battery banks without having to rely solely on traditional fuel-driven generators.

Our systems are rugged, independent, power-producing stations built with the end user in mind. All Solar Stik Systems use Plug & Play connection technology. They can be assembled within minutes to produce and distribute AC or DC power for communications equipment, computers, medical equipment, lights, small pumps, and many other appliances.

The Solar Stik Team is actively involved with STAR-TIDES (Sharing To Accelerate Research – Transformative Innovation for Development and Emergency Support), a global-knowledge sharing network that leverages worldwide talent to support sustainable solutions for populations under stress. Currently, Solar Stik has systems providing power in South Sudan and Haiti. We also customize systems to meet the power generation, energy storage, and power management needs of emergency first responders.

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Every Solar Stik System put into service is built with precision and respect for the people who depend on its performance.