Power Generation

7 kW, 230V, 50HZ Generator with RsEK



  • Compact footprint with consolidated “chassis” design 
  • 51 gallon steel diesel fuel tank 
  • Industrial muffler with advanced sound-deadening shield (75db under load)


  • Liquid cooling for operation in extreme heat
  • Heavy duty air cleaner with advanced particulate capture and sediment trap
  • Rubber shock-absorbing mounting system to reduce vibration and noise
  • Optima “high heat” AGM Battery and secure-lock rack with cables

User Interface

  • Deep Sea 3110 controller, User Interface, and Remote-start Enabling Kit (RsEK)
  • (1) 230 VAC, 30 A, (L6-30R) Output
  • 10 Pin, 22AWG Connection (Direct connection to PRO-Verter Gen Comm Port)
  • Auto-Generator Start (AGS) Capability 

Power Output

  • 7kW at 230 VAC


Solar Stik 200

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  • Product Info

    Built for the Austere
    The Solar Stik 7.0 kW Remote-start enabled generator is a ruggedized, commercial-grade generator built to withstand the rigors of worldwide deployment. Constructed with purpose in mind, it provides reliable power in remote, austere locations where punishing environmental conditions and minimal logistical support are critical factors. This smart generator is a completely integrated solution built to handle abuse. It has built in protections for impact, vibrations, heat, particulates (dust and foreign object debris), moisture and UV irradiation. The engine, generator, and cooling system ride on heavy-duty shock absorbers, which minimize noise and vibration. The sub-frame, cavernous fuel tank (minimizes refueling cycles) and chassis are constructed with high-quality, powder-coated steel. The mechanical system is environmentally sealed and hardened against the elements. These features ensure the generator is at-the-ready for the rigors of transport to a permanent location or mounted on a mobile platform that routinely moves over rough terrain.

    Reliable Anywhere
    The liquid-cooled, fuel-efficient Yanmar diesel engine is built for long service life with minimal maintenance during rugged deployment. The engine has been in service for years throughout multiple industries, meaning parts and service are available in the most remote areas on the globe. 

    Hybrid-Power-System Ready
    This generator is designed for optimal use in an intelligent power system. The built in user interface provides manual and remote Auto-Generator Start / Stop (AGS) operation at the push of a button, providing on-demand power or automatic operation when connected to any Solar Stik 3-6kW Hybrid Power System. The genset quietly and seamlessly powers loads and recharges batteries when operating in a Hybrid Power System architecture. Generating a robust 7,200 W (peak) 230 VAC power output, the genset easily handles spikes or swings in power demand that are often associated with hybrid power applications.

    Power Up Worry Free
    The genset provides users the confidence to operate anywhere in the world with a compact footprint and decreased logistical burden. With the integrated generator running smoothly even in the most severe applications, operators can focus on their mission free from the burden of unreliable power.

  • All Models

    7 kW, 230V, 50HZ Generator with RsEK
    Item # 19-0401006

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