Breeze Mast Upgrade

12 VDC Item # 19-0301204
24 VDC Item # 19-0302208


The Breeze Kit includes a 160-watt wind turbine and a tapered mast assembly that can be mounted to either a Solar Stik 200 or 400, turning it into a hybrid power system that generates both solar and wind power.

Installation onto a Solar Stik does not require tools and usually takes one person less than 5 minutes to assemble. Connection to the system is Plug & Play using the Inter-Connect circuit.


  • 160-watt wind turbine
  • Low wind-speed operation
  • Weatherproof
  • Plug & Play
*Breeze Upgrade shown inside Solar Stik 200/400 Case


  • (1) 160-watt Breeze wind generator
  • (3) Blades
  • (1) Mast Top Adapter
  • (1) Tapered Mast Extension
  • (1) Mast coupling
  • (1) Coupling bolt
  • (1) 30 ft Wind Leash
  • (1) Spare parts kit


Solar Stik 200

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