Storage with Management

Li BOS 2000


  • 2.0 kWh (82 Ah) of storage
    • Capable of over 3000 charge/discharge cycles
    • 100% discharged = inert (LiFePO4 chemistry)
  • Transportable by land, sea, and cargo aircraft 
  • 2000 W continuous AC output, 4,000 W surge AC output
  • Accepts solar, DC, and universal AC (grid or generator) power 
  • Ruggedized for extreme conditions 
  • Open Architecture, Plug and Play

Solar Stik 200

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    Power Balance
    The 24VDC Lithium Balance of Systems (BOS) 2000 provides a single case solution for energy storage and power management. It employs a 6T format LiFePO4 battery to supply 2.0 kWh of energy storage while also satisfying both AC and DC power needs. The Li BOS 2000 comes equipped with DC and Solar, and universal AC input as well as AC, DC, and USB output connections. The Li BOS can be operated in any of 3 modes, depending on available input power sources: autonomous mode—solar only; hybrid mode—solar and fuel-driven generator; or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) mode—grid power.


    How a BOS Works
    The Li BOS 2000 accepts AC, DC, or Solar power input to charge the internal battery. It can include Auto-Generator Start/Stop capability to automatically turn on/of various generators for battery recharge based on programmable settings. After bringing power into the battery, the Li BOS then converts battery power to usable 120 VAC or 24 VDC power for distribution to electric loads. The Li BOS provides up to 400 W of DC power and 2000 W continuous, 4,000 W surge of AC power meaning it can power almost any electronic load that has a standard AC “wall outlet” connection. With over 82 Ah of energy storage that can cycle up to 3000 times, the Li BOS can power loads for several hours from battery power alone. The Li BOS can plug and play with additional energy storage modules (ESMs) for increased battery only runtime.

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