Energy Storage

Li ESM 2000


  • Maximum capacity, simple form factor, minimum weight 

  •  Communication of battery state of charge, temperature, and other key parameters via J1939 CAN Bus 

  • Networkable battery monitoring (J1939 CAN bus) 

  • Fast charging under varying conditions 

  • 5-stage State of Charge Indicator 

  • Built-in self-balancing 

  • Built-in test at start-up and during operation 

  • Cell heating allows full battery capability over operating temperature 

  • Self-shutdown in unsafe conditions 

  • Battery has internal protection for overcharge, over-discharge, overload and short-circuit 

  • Impact resistant case with molded-in stacking ribs 

  • Scalable and hot-swappable

  • Plug & Play with polarized, twist-lock connection


Solar Stik 200

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    Smart Storage
    The Li Energy Storage Module (ESM) 2000 is ideally suited for hybridized power or silent watch applications requiring reliable high discharge, continuous or pulse power, fast re-charge, and high levels of safety. The battery’s lithium iron phosphate cathode material and Superphosphate (SLFP) technology provide enhanced safety and stable internal resistance yielding extraordinarily high cycle-life and resiliency to adverse operating conditions. A highly intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) protects the cells from unsafe operating conditions and provides precise data about the battery’s cells, both historical and current.

    How an ESM Works
    ESMs are the heart of a Solar Stik Hybrid Power System (HPS). Power generated in an HPS from all sources is stored in the ESMs and distributed to the load as needed, significantly extending generator fueling and maintenance intervals. Stack additional Li ESMs to increase energy storage capacity, further reduce required support, and extend operational endurance.

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