Thursday, 3 March 2011

Solar Stik® celebrates its seventh birthday in January 2011

St. Augustine, Fla.—“Paving the Road for an industry”… Those words have been the theme over the first seven years of Solar Stik’s operations.

In 2004, the “Solar Stik” was introduced as the company’s flagship product, and its early success gave the company its name, but over the last seven years, Solar Stik has evolved into a company that provides much more than a single product.  At the root of Solar Stik’s success is a passion to solve problems and educate its clientele about high-efficiency electrical systems and “Micro-Grids”.

The entire Solar Stik product line was developed in response to military, government, and industry requirements.  Solar Stik COO Brian Bosley emphasized, “By working in close collaboration with our customers, we have carefully designed a system that incorporates as many facets as there are applications. Our newly minted website is a direct reflection of the last seven years at Solar Stik. It is the central depository for the brain trust behind the Solar Stik System.”

From the original single Solar Stik, to the full product line the company offers today, the Solar Stik hallmark has been innovation. The company will celebrate its seventh anniversary as it has every year since its founding:  by developing new products and accessories for its customers.

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