Thursday, 28 April 2011

After nearly 1 1/2 years of construction, Solar Stik®, Inc. launches their groundbreaking new website!

St. Augustine, FLSolar Stik®, Inc. announced the launch of a new website on May 1, 2011.

Solar Stik CEO Brian Bosley commented on the launch, “We hope our visitors find it useful, informative, and fun to use. Our team has worked hard to streamline the site, making it easier to navigate, while maintaining our commitment to providing the Internet’s best site for learning about portable renewable energy systems.”

“Last year was an exciting year for Solar Stik. We released several new products, including, among many others, the consumer-grade Solar Stik Lite, the popular Patrol Pak, and a Power Pak, the C-Series 100, which we customized specifically for the law enforcement community. In addition, the Solar Stik underwent a complete redesign, making it more portable and adaptable to multiple uses. Critically, however, we are getting our products into the hands of more and more customers, from our nation’s heroes in Afghanistan, to U.S. federal agencies, state and local governments, commercial enterprises, and American consumers.”

“Although we are proud of our role in setting the standard in portable solar energy, we have come to understand ourselves as more than a solar energy company. While maintaining a commitment to renewable energy, we have shifted our focus to power management and hybrid approaches to portable power generation. Our Microgrid concept now allows us to integrate multiple sources of power, such as solar, wind, fuel cell, and conventional generators, with an advanced power management system, all in a compact deployable package. We invite visitors to read more about it on the site.”

“Solar Stik’s team looks forward to the coming year and the challenges ahead. While we will continue to innovate, we will also maintain our commitment to high quality, and friendly and responsive customer service.”

For additional information, visit or call (800) 793-4364.