Solar Stik®, Inc will be sponsoring the Expeditionary Power & Energy Summit May 15 through 16 at the Mary M. Gates Learning Center in Alexandria, VA. The two-day event focuses on the technologies and policies necessary to support the use of power and energy in an operational environment and will include the most respected minds in military energy as well as key policy makers across military and civilian offices.

Solar Stik has been providing expeditionary power and energy solutions to the Warfighter for the past decade. Solar Stik Team Members attending the 2019 summit include CW4, USA Retired Ronaldo Lachica and LTC, USA Retired John Gumpf. Gumpf will be conducting a technology presentation titled Transitioning to High Efficiency in the Portable Power Space. LTC Retired Gumpf’s presentation will address the last hurdle in the paradigm shift of providing electrical power to consumers. This last hurdle concerns culture change in portable power that is pioneered by Solar Stik as a market leader in portable hybrid power systems designed for military applications. Gumpf will talk about the integration of intelligent power management, generator auto-start/stop, energy storage, and renewables into efficient power systems that provide the capabilities necessary to sustain Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).

LTC USA Retired John Gumpf

Gumpf has over 25 years of experience with military power and previously served as a Branch Chief for Operational Energy for the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC). Lachica is an expert on current and future expeditionary power developments in support of DoD operations and also has over 25 years of experience providing tactical, electric power and logistics support to operational military units.

The talk will take place at 12:30 p.m. on May 15.

All Solar Stik Team Members will be available for the duration of the event to discuss Operational Energy solutions that offer significant fuel demand reduction and lessen delivery requirements by over 50%. They are standing by to discuss how a modular and scalable expeditionary power system provides autonomy, continuous operation, and extended operational endurance for your unit. Additionally, the Team is waiting to tailor systems for specific requirements to assist your unit in maintaining MDO with rugged, reliable power.

As Solar Stik says, “Your Mission is your Focus. Providing the Power for it is Ours.”

The Solar Stik Team members will also be demonstrating a 2kW hybrid power system (HPS) that features the company’s latest power management and energy storage modules designed to provide resilient capabilities to small teams conducting dispersed operations in a contested environment. The 2kW HPS includes auto-start/stop integration with the Novatio man-portable generators that operate on JP-8 thus maintaining the single-fuel concept. The hybridized operation enabled by the single-case PRO-Verter S 2000 further reduces sustainment demands by its ability to maximize the power generated from the fuel consumed by the generator. The PRO-Verter S 2000 also has the capability to accept and process solar power allowing for reduced fuel consumption and generator maintenance which in turn increases Soldier lethality. The man-portable Li Expander Pak 1300s included with the 2kW HPS offer the highest energy density of any battery in its class.

Check out the 2kW HPS while learning more about Solar Stik’s system architecture and other expeditionary power and energy solutions in between sessions with the Solar Stik Team.

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