Large System, Heavy Power Demands

Large systems handle loads greater than 10 kW continuous. Solar Stik’s large systems are designed to be portable and can scale multiple components in parallel to meet power requirements.

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Keeping Equipment Comfortable

Applications require power in all types of environmental conditions—including extremely hot and cold climates. Large power systems are designed to run in the background, often supporting critical loads and constant climate control systems for equipment sensitive to environmental conditions.

Connecting Array upon Array

Multiple solar arrays can be deployed in tandem with multiple power managers to harvest as much solar energy as possible to augment power generation in a large system.

Tailored To Transport

Many users of large systems require components to fit onto portable platforms like trailers or inside conex boxes. Portability is a cornerstone in the design of every Solar Stik system. Components can easily be vertically stacked for transport and also during deployment.

Select the Right Solution

A Solar Stik portable power system can be used in most applications where a traditional fuel-driven generator has been used. The configuration of every Solar Stik system includes energy storage, power generation, and power management components to meet power needs and application requirements.

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