Medium System, Modular and Scalable

Medium systems are configured to support loads above 3 kW and up to 10 kW continuous. Loads are supported by batteries, renewables and/or traditional power generation, and intelligent power management.

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Efficient Operation

Users can set up medium systems to operate with complete autonomy. The system’s main power manager can automatically start and stop the generator based on the voltage of the system’s battery bank. This allows renewable energy generation (solar) to be prioritized while limiting generator runtime and conserving fuel.

Rugged and Ready

Medium systems can be used as semi-permanent power sources in locations where grid power is not easily accessible or reliable. The ruggedized components can be sited and operate without shelter and will continuously deliver power with minimal maintenance.

Specifically Sized But Adaptable

Power demands drive the selection of energy storage, power generation, and power management for an application. When power needs change, or an application is updated, the components of an existing system can be reconfigured and scaled to meet new power requirements.

Select the Right Solution

A Solar Stik portable power system can be used in most applications where a traditional fuel-driven generator has been used. The configuration of every Solar Stik system includes energy storage, power generation, and power management components to meet power needs and application requirements.

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